Make your wedding more memorable with the pomp of the Scottish pipes, the Gaelic soulfulness of the Irish pipes, or the beauty of a Celtic ensemble. The most often asked question is "At what point in the ceremony is it usual or traditional to play the pipes?" The answer is that there it no standard way of utilizing the pipes; I have played pre-service music outside or inside the chapel before the ceremony, for the seating of the mothers, for one or more of the processionals (groomsmen, bridesmaids, maid of honor, ring-bearer, bride), for the candlelighting ceremony, for incidental music during the wedding, for communion, for the recessional, for post-service music inside or outside the chapel, or for any combination of the above.

Click below to hear excerpts of some favorite PROCESSIONALS:  

Click below to hear excerpts of some favorite RECESSIONALS:  

Sampling from extensive Song List:


Hymns:  I have numerous hymnals from many faiths (Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, LDS, Seventh-day Adventist, Lutheran) and have arranged a great many hymns for the pipes including:

Traditional Wedding Music:

Scottish Folk and Popular Songs:

Scottish Bagpipe Airs and Marches:

Irish-American songs:

Irish Folk Songs:

Irish Sean Nos Airs:

Contemporary Christian Songs:
I have performed with Twila Paris and other Christian artists.

Modern Catholic Favorites:
I have an intimate knowledge of the Catholic liturgy and play a wide selection of service music..

Israeli Folk Tunes:

Miscellaneous Tunes:

 Any request can be accommodated if sheet music or a recording is available.

*Tunes marked with an asterisk have a range too wide to be played properly on the Scottish pipes, so the Irish pipes should be used.