The Cook/MacCook Tartan

The Cooks/MacCooks From Kintyre Islay And The Isle Of Arran: The Cooks and MacCooks from this region of Scotland are unrelated to English Cooks. These Cooks get their name not from the occupation of cook, but from the anglicized version of one or more Gaelic names. The experts are not, it seems, in total agreement on which Gaelic names resulted in which anglicized names. Most agree that MacCook was in Gaelic MacDhabhoc ("son of David"), but some also posit MacCuig, MacCug, and MacCuagh ("son of the cup", the hereditary cup-bearers). The "Mac" was often dropped resulting in Cook. The (Mac) Cooks are usually linked to the MacDonalds of Kintyre.


The Cook/MacCook Tartan: I felt that my family deserved its own tartan, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and design one. To emphasize the link between the MacCooks and the MacDonalds the tartan was based on the red MacDonald of the Isles (or MacDonald of Sleat) tartan. The red bands in the middle of the green portion were changed to light blue (so the MacCook tartan joins the small family of red tartans with light blue), and the single black line in the red area was elaborated into a miniature "MacDonald motif" narrow-wide-narrow).