School Programs

School Programs: I do a one-man program which introduces children to Celtic music, language, mythology, and history in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. (Did you know that Leprechauns were once real people?) It is especially appropriate around Saint Patrick’s Day, making it more than shamrocks and pinching, and an opportunity to understand more about a people and culture which have had a major influence on many aspects of American life. (Every time you ask someone, "How much money do you have on you?", or, "Do you have a pen on you?", you are using Irish; whenever you speak of slogans, or smithereens, or shenanigans, you are using Irish.)



School Programs with The Celtic Connection: Sandi Castleberry, Gary Francisco (aka Farley the Fiddler), and I form "The Celtic Connection". Our popular program traces well-known American folk and popular songs to their Irish and Scottish roots, and on the way students learn about Celtic music and instruments, Irish immigration, the Irish contribution to the Transcontinental Railway, Celtic dance styles, and much more. Our hand-clapping finale is always a hit with students. Click here to see a video clip!